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Laminate floors are not only beautiful and durable, they are very cost effective. Many of today’s laminate styles consist of extremely authentic wood or natural stone visuals that can add a more expensive look to your space without requiring you to spend a lot of money. MDF’s laminate collections feature innovative manufacturing techniques that result in both real wood and rugged stone looks that include the look and feel of hand sculpting and distressed surfaces. Combining exceptionally realistic looks and carefree maintenance, laminate floors are an ideal choice for active households. Laminate surfaces make it easy to maintain a great-looking floor. Laminate’s tough exterior resists dents and scratches, are easy to clean and are hypoallergenic.

Whether you prefer the appearance of wood, tile, or stone, laminate’s realistic designs are long lasting, wear incredibly well, and look great!

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At Mobile Direct Flooring, our unique Mobile Showroom will bring the experience of a flooring showroom to your driveway. When we come to you, you get to save time and money. No more wasting your time visiting showrooms only to leave disappointed, and no more driving across town to do it. We have hundreds of options for you to choose from, along with our massive selections of luxury vinyls, hardwoods, tiles, and laminates. We even do installations, so call us today. (888) 633-0013

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Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is a newer technology which incorporates the durability and look of hardwood flooring with the inexpensive pricing of vinyl flooring. Thanks to the interlocking design of the laminate panels, installations are also extremely quick and easy as well. We carry many different colors, designs, and sizes of laminate panels, and all of them are available to see in our Mobile Showroom. If you are planning on putting in a laminate floor, Mobile Direct Flooring is your number one source for anything you need. Don’t waste time with those big-box superstores, call us today to learn more.  (888) 633-0013

If you are planning to change the flooring in your home, call Mobile Direct Flooring and let us save you time and money by bringing our showroom to you! We have everything you may be looking for from cost-effective luxury vinyl to high-end hardwood flooring, and everything in between! Mobile Direct Flooring means no more wasted time, money, or effort. Call the flooring experts today. (888) 633-0013

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